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I started working out at FFS about 18 months ago. My husband thought that Clayton would be the perfect trainer for me because I HATE EXERCISING. And he was right, after 60 years of resistance to working out and taking care of my body, Clayton made a believer out of me. He is truly a miracle worker, so every week I submit myself to his cajoling, encouragement and humor to strengthen myself and be better prepared for the aging process, which is brutal. I can't tell you all what a gift his coaching has been to me. Thanks Clayton, for all you do!
Hey Clay,
I met with my Dr. today after being in the emergency room up N for my snowmobile injury. He reassured me training with Tony would be good for me and encouraged me to go and tell Tony what happened and said he is a professional and will know what to do. He said getting back to full range of movement and get blood flowing would be the best for me.Let me tell you that Tony worked with me tonight stretching etc. and it made a tremendous difference. Half way into the stretching the pain started to go away and I felt something move in my lower back. I started walking better and tonight there is 90% less pain.I wish there was a way I could let people know with their Dr.'s approval that working with a trainer is the best thing to do. Years ago I had a Physical Therapist who did nothing. I told Tony tonight I spend a lot of money on co-pays to have him do nothing. What Tony did was 10000000x better. Just wanted to let you know. Bob

I have had a couple of different fitness trainers over the years and Clayton has been the most helpful and fun by far. He meets you right where you are at and provides you with a workout that pushes you to the top of your potential. He is friendly, approachable, caring and pleasant to be around. He is a real person with a genuine concern for his clients. His love for the profession shows in the way he does his job and the way that he interacts with everyone. He makes all people feel valuable and welcome. If you get busy or get off track and don't work out for a while, he makes you feel missed when you return.

Tresa M.
Waunakee, WI

Just to give you a little bit of background about me. I'm a 48-year-old female with 3 children. I had about 20lbs I wanted to lose and my cholesterol count was 217. I knew I needed to do something to get healthy. After six months or so of Floundering and not seeing the results I wanted, I made an appointment with Clayton.

Clayton was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The first thing Clayton had me start doing was writing down everything I ate and drank along with how much. (That really makes you think, "Do I really want that if I have to write it down?" The next step Clayton started me on was a weight training and cardio workout. I was educated on the importance of varying my workout routine. This consisted of weight training 2 days per week, and cardio exercise the remaining 2 days for a total of 4 days a week of workouts.

After 4 months of working with Clayton, following his program faithfully, I had lost 26lbs, and my cholesterol cont was 145. My husband and I went to Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary and for the first time in 10 years I wore a bikini!

Cindy C.
Waunakee, WI

In the nine months that I have been training with Clayton I have learned the difference between "going to the gym" and "working out at the gym". Clayton has taught me that there is more to working out than using dumbbells and leg press machines; his creative exercises are so much better than curling a dumbbell over and over again. He has demonstrated his knowledge of the human body by coming up with new routines regularly, keeping everything fresh and fun, pushing me out of my comfort zone a little at a time. He has proven to me that I have the ability to run and play with my children again, that I can jog 5 miles or more at a time that I can eat better and have a healthier lifestyle and not miss out on anything.

Clayton has also taken the time to get to know me as a person. He understands that I have worked in the restaurant business for 24 years and that my old eating habits are hard to change. With a little friendly pressure from him I have been able to modify a large part of my eating habits. Combining this with the exercises he has shown me I am seeing results. I can't tell you how good it feels to have that customer of mine that has been coming to Culver's forever come up to me and tell me how healthy I look now and to keep it up! I owe it all to Clayton for understanding who I am and how to motivate me! Thank you and keep the pressure on!

Johanna M.
Culver's Restaurant Owner
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